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Yella Hound

Find at Retail Across Alabama!.

YH Distillery is co-located at our winery where we barrel age, finish, and bottle — vodka, gin, whiskey and bourbon for Alabama! We’ve been aging in barrels since 2005, so it was just a natural.

When we started, wine was the only adult beverage that could be produced and bottled in Alabama. Then one day – the revenuers said – “Hey, you can distill and bottle those other adult beverages too!”

So we did! And now you can find our spirits all over the state. Yes it’s true.

You’re in the right place! When you visit there’ll be nice folks drinking wine, and tasting cheese all over! You can nestle right in and just taste our spirits. And if you like great wine and cheese that’s OK with us! We treat everyone the same either way.